There is material on this website that is .........

  howdy  Ya'll               問候

ברכות           salutations            Aloha

                wus sup yo                     גרעעטינגס

             拝啓                     saludos
인사                         Pagbati

eetingsGray omfray ADSPRTHay

Occupational Therapy Dr./Professor Reta Troxtel 

Also my Mom! She is an open minded skeptic that has witnessed first hand voices on recordings when no audible voices were heard.

Bronson MacGyver Williams-Shaw

​At age 17 he is a beginner with a lot of potential. He is funny, kind, and has a genuine goodness that makes him fun to be around. I am hoping the kinder more gentle spirits will open up to him giving you better evidence of the paranormal.    

Oldest daughter Sarah and Sandy

​Sarah is a brat and has a talent for causing drama

And that's just my family. wait and see what else is on here!

Patrick 6 feet 6 inches tall, My cousin and a huge skeptic. This is bizarre because he has witnessed the paranormal but refuses to acknowledge it. He is truly great at finding evidence.

​This year of 2016

Moderate Adult Language and Content

​Including My Cousins Trouser Snake

Let's meet the crew

ME, Thad Meyer & Youngest Daughter Sandy Meyer

Sandy is a sensitive and can see and hear some spirits (mostly animals)  

This has nothing to do with this website but it is a cool picture I took at an AZ Diamond Backs Game


disturbing, aggravating, and at times annoying

​​​The  Haunted  Arizona  Deserts  Paranormal  Research