This has nothing to do with this website but it is a cool picture I took at an AZ Diamond Backs Game

Occupational Therapy Dr./Professor Reta Troxtel 

Also my Mom! She is an open minded skeptic that has witnessed first hand voices on recordings when no audible voices were heard.


Oldest daughter Sarah and Sandy

​Sarah is a brat and has a talent for causing drama 

Let's meet the crew

ME, Thad Meyer & Youngest Daughter Sandy Meyer

Sandy is a sensitive and can see and hear some spirits (mostly animals)  

​​​The  Haunted  Arizona  Deserts  Paranormal  Research

There is material on this website that is .........

  howdy  Ya'll               問候

ברכות           salutations   

                 wus sup yo

             拝啓                     saludos
인사                         Pagbati

eetingsGray omfray ADSPRTHay

Bronson MacGyver Williams-Shaw

​At age 17 he is a beginner with a lot of potential. He is funny, kind, and has a genuine goodness that makes him fun to be around. I am hoping the kinder more gentle spirits will open up to him giving you better evidence of the paranormal.

And that's just my family. wait and see what else is on here!

Patrick 6 feet 6 inches tall, My cousin and a huge skeptic. This is bizarre because he has witnessed the paranormal but refuses to acknowledge it. He is truly great at finding evidence.

disturbing, aggravating, and at times annoying

​This year of 2016

Moderate Adult Language and Content

​Including My Cousins Trouser Snake